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DISMA - EARTHENDIUM LP - Black Vinyl - Abyssal Black Wax Version

$16.00 - On Sale

Disma " Earthendium " LP - Abyssal Black Vinyl edition

Limited to 222 copies

Mastered at 45 rpm for maximum quality !!

1st pressing LP US edition with jacket , insert, and limited color vinyl

This is the classic "Black Wax Vinyl" version -

222 copies "Hand Numbered" copies

New for 2023 From Disma. This CRUSHING new release has been released on Necroharmonic, and it has 3 tracks that play like a full length !!

The best Death Metal release for 2022 ! Now a vinyl for 2023

3 Tracks

Side A

1) Imprecation of Diabolical Scourge
2) Beyond the Dimensionless

Side B
3) Earthendium


Sleazy 038 LP

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